Swim empowers people to connect places to the digital world by making it easy to create networks that allow anyone to engage with, own and monetize the content in them.

How it works.


Swim integrates Web3, Geolocation & Communication Technologies so people can easily bring the places they love into their digital world, and reap the benefits of doing so.

DISCOVER what’s going on around you in the real world, and engage with others at your own pace through public Pools in places as diverse as cafes, restaurants, and university campuses.

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CREATE your own private Pools to hang out with your friends, chat, share media, or plan your weekend with no algorithm deciding what you see and when you see it.

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CONTROL your digital life with the app designed to empower you to navigate life with the people you care about at the places you love, on your own terms.

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Swim was designed with NYU and Columbia students as an app to come together in a more meaningful way through personal social networks you and your friends create. We call these groups “Pools” and they are made up of organized content and conversations tied to the places & people that brighten your life. Pools can be public (for all to see and join), By Invite (visible to all but accessible only by invitation), or Private (only visible and accessible to you and the friends you invite to them).

You may be happy to know that our app’s name “Swim” was invented at NYU by Mae Mae Dylan, NYU Class of 2023.

“Swim make it easy to discover what's going on in the places I love, and engage at my own pace and in my own terms.”

Jose Cervera, NYU Class of 2022

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