Create your own social networks to connect, hang out and explore life with the people and the places that matter to you.

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Swim helps you and your friends navigate life together at any distance.

Hang out with your group of friends in a better way by organizing your conversations around memories, stuff to do on weekends, or something as simple as your daily experiences, without the hassle of jumping between apps.

Engage in a more meaningful way with your student clubs, fraternity or sorority, by having one single tool for calendars, chats, experiences and events. All without having to use different platforms for communication, coordination and sharing.

Champion and help your favorite places around your college - cafes, restaurants, small shops - who are struggling right now to stay open for when you are fully back, by easily creating pools where students can cheer them, chat with them, and help them recover.

Swim was designed with NYU students as an app to come together in a more meaningful way through personal social networks you and your friends create. We call them “Pools” and they are made up of content and conversations tied to the places & people that brighten your life so you can be present together... no matter where you are now.

You may be happy to know that our app’s name “Swim” was invented at NYU by Mae Mae Dylan, NYU Class of 2023.

“Swim is like a fun and useful social network for my NYU tribe, organized like Spotify to help me discover and engage easily with my friends and to the places I care about.”

Jose Cervera, NYU Class of 2022

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Swim is being launched at NYU on an invitation-only basis to keep it legit. Get on the list and we will get to you very soon. Note that you need to get on the list with your NYU email.

Swim is not affiliated with the administration of NYU in any way and is not looking to substitute the official communication vehicles between the university and its students. Swim also does not have or seek access to lists of NYU students. The only way to register in the app is by being invited by another NYU student.

Photography courtesy of photographer, serial entrepreneur and friend of Swim Christopher Michel.

We will not use your email for any purpose other than to notify you when a Swim user invites you to the app. See our Privacy Policy

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