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'A bicycle for the mind'

by JC Velten - 2 months ago

The role of tech companies like us is to use it to deliver benefits that enhance people's lives without forcing you to move to the metaverse, trade on bitcoin, or buy NFTs for the sake of doing so. Here's how we do it.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Michel.

Is it Kind Nextdoor?

by JC Velten - 1 year ago

Nextdoor, a platform that connects neighborhoods, just went public. Their product could be even better. These are our two cents to make their product reflect their lofty vision of a "Kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on."

Photo courtesy of Christopher Michel.

Coding for Happiness

by JC Velten - 1 year ago

During our year-long journey to the App Store, we studied the subject of happiness and how technology can aid us on our search for it. This article explains some of the design choices we made based on what we learned.

The Business of Social Reality

by JC Velten - 2 years ago

Social Reality is a new category composed of apps and platforms that enhance and enrich real connections between people, affinities and places.

If you're running to Telegram or Signal, you may be in bad company

by JC Velten - 2 years ago

We want you at Swim, but will not ride the wave of misinformation that has made people run from Whatsapp to other apps that are ready to take advantage of fake news.

A Slack for the rest of us

by JC Velten - 2 years ago

The amazing success of Slack rests of three traits they have developed as a company: putting people first, creating a valuable product that reflects their own values, and showing perseverance to be nimble and adapt to the market.

Why We Exist

by JC Velten - 2 years ago

We exist to give Gen Z a better tool to create genuine, meaningful connections with the people & places they love. This is an intentional journey we began by seeking the answer to a 'Why' which gives us purpose and direction. Check out how.

"Yes but..." The challenges that help us stay fit.

by JC Velten - 3 years ago

Smart people challenge us to think different about certain areas of our product/business model, or to explain what is not obvious. This article addresses these challenges head on.

Building bridges between students and startups

Building Bridges Between Students & Swim. 42X Thank You!

by JC Velten - 3 years ago

The first weekend of August we organized a Hackathon with 42 Silicon Valley. These are the winners and what they did for us in 2.5 days. We couldn't be more grateful! Thank you 42!

There is only one Race: The Human Race

by JC Velten - 3 years ago

This article aims to help enlighten our readers that race is only the result of geography and the color of your skin does not make you special in any way. We champion one race, the human race, and will contribute to ensure this movement does not end until our laws and norms ensure we act humanely with each other.

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