Our world-positive directives.

JC Velten

4 years ago

The times of doing business in a mindless manner are over (good riddance!). In the more mindful and responsible world of today, two imperatives drive the smart companies to operate in a sustainable manner in all spheres of life - from environment to society. First, we can't afford to keep dumping the externalities of our businesses into our planet. The effects of climate change and human-driven extinction of species, which are all around us, can still be mitigated with mindful action. Second, society has finally matured, and bullshit like discrimination based on anything - gender, race, or beliefs - is no longer tolerated. We can increase harmony by being intentional about being good to each other.

Doing business in a world-positive manner is also good business. Extensive evidence collected by the Harvard Business School and Stanford University (both friends of Swim) indicates that startups which are founded on, and operate in, a world-positive mission (vs. just green-washing) outperform their peers financially in the long run. It does not take a rocket scientist to see why: world-positive companies have a longer-term vision, attract better people, and inspire customers. Happily, doing good is no longer a tough compromise, it's a no-brainer, good organizations can have their cake and eat it too.

These are the world-positive directives we operate by. If you want to do business with us, work with us or partner with us, we recommend you read them first.

Read this if you want to mingle with us

We are committed to operating our company in a world-positive manner from day one, contributing with our actions to directly supporting 8 of the UN’s 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the following manner:

  • No poverty: we will create jobs with salaries and benefits that give our people dignity, happiness and abundance.
  • Zero hunger: we will partner with local non-profits so that we can donate 100% of the daily remaining food from our offices to the local communities in need.
  • Good health and wellbeing: we will promote and educate local communities about the importance of healthy habits, including mobile usage.
  • Affordable and clean energy: we will strive that 100% of our infrastructure is powered by clean, renewable energy, especially the energy-intensive parts of our business.
  • Responsible consumption: we will foster faster trading programs in local communities where users can exchange valuables and reduce irresponsible consumption.
  • Climate action: we will encourage actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting the use of sustainable transportation on our way to work.
  • Life below water: we will have a 100% disposable plastic free company and foster local squads to clean the ocean.
  • Life on land: we will partner with a non-profit to plant a tree for every new user.

Our simple business directives to keep us honest

Swim will only hire, partner, and accept investment from people and organizations who evidence a world-positive attitude. We will set aside 5% of the shares of the company at Series Seed to fund a world-positive cause chosen by our team at the moment those shares become liquid. We are committed to live and enjoy the present, to make the future a better one and to inspire people to be great in whatever they want to do. 


Marie-Anne & Juan Carlos, Founders

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