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We use our blog to give details on our company, values, approach to life, and dreams. Dive in!

Why We Exist

by JC Velten - 1 year ago

We exist to give Gen Z a better tool to create genuine, meaningful connections with the people & places they love. This is an intentional journey we began by seeking the answer to a 'Why' which gives us purpose and direction. Check out how.

Managing Through Expeditions

by JC Velten - 1 year ago

In this article we explain how we run Swim, and how we have been intentional at creating the structure that enables us to be nimble. Every initiative here is an 'Expedition,' staffed with the team that can make it most valuable for our users.

Our world-positive directives.

by JC Velten - 1 year ago

Read this is you want to mingle with us. These are our no-compromise business directives.

Swim: An organization with intent and purpose.

by JC Velten - 1 year ago

We intend to use this blog to share our reflections with you as we run with our dreams and take Swim from concept in January 2020 to reality in May 2020.

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Swim is being launched at NYU on an invitation-only basis to keep it legit. Get on the list and we will get to you very soon. Note that you need to get on the list with your NYU email.

Swim is not affiliated with the administration of NYU in any way and is not looking to substitute the official communication vehicles between the university and its students. Swim also does not have or seek access to lists of NYU students. The only way to register in the app is by being invited by another NYU student.

Photography courtesy of photographer, serial entrepreneur and friend of Swim Christopher Michel.

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