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Please, not another social app!

by JC Velten - 3 years ago

What we call social networks is anything but. A true human network is a place where we feel loved, safe, supported and championed, rather than one where we feel envious, empty, wasteful and deceived. Our purpose is to make technology work for people, not against them.

A connected, organized, neat, useful and meaningful way to navigate life with your friends.

by JC Velten - 3 years ago

There is no place like place. A social local network realizes that people live and play in places, and focuses on helping people make that experience richer.

Navigating life together. Accelerated.

by JC Velten - 4 years ago

This is the story of how we accelerated the launch of Swim, after only 8 weeks of coming up with the idea of evolving the way we engage with our friends and with the places we love so, that we can have more genuine connections.

Meet the Swim Crew!

by JC Velten - 4 years ago

This article briefly introduces our team to the world. These are the first 14 team members of Swim and the crew responsible for conceiving, developing and launching our MVP. Say hi!

Managing Through Expeditions

by JC Velten - 4 years ago

In this article we explain how we run Swim, and how we have been intentional at creating the structure that enables us to be nimble. Every initiative here is an 'Expedition,' staffed with the team that can make it most valuable for our users.

Our world-positive directives.

by JC Velten - 4 years ago

Read this is you want to mingle with us. These are our no-compromise business directives.

Swim: An organization with intent and purpose.

by JC Velten - 4 years ago

We intend to use this blog to share our reflections with you as we run with our dreams and take Swim from concept in January 2020 to reality in May 2020.

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